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ARK Satellite is a local Dish Network Satellite Retailer serving the East Idaho region and parts of Western Wyoming and Montana. We have provided excellent service to our customers since we first started installing satellites back in 1990. Satellite systems have sure changes since then, but we are still here and our customers know right where to find us.

Why should you order your satellite from a local retailer?

We believe that when you order your satellite system from us you become our customer for life. We have a physical storefront and our customers know that they can contact us with any issues. We provide great customer service and technical support to our customers and strive to make our customers as satisfied with their satellite service as possible.

When you receive an advertisement in the mail with a 1-800 number you have no idea who this company is or how to contact them after your satellite system is installed. As a Dish Network Authorized Retailer we can provide a great satellite service while still being local and easy to contact every time. We hope you will choose us for your home entertainment satellite needs.